Cheryl praises

In todays Sun, Cheryl Cole has praised the Black Eyed Peas frontman and producer: Hes like a fairy godfather to me. Hes my mentor.

Cheryl goes on to reveal how she ended up working with Will on her debut album, 3 Words. Things kicked off about a years before Girls Aloud took a break:

I was watching TV with the girls and Will was on it and he was asked, Are there any British acts youd like to collaborate with? and he said, Theres two: U2 and Cheryl Cole.
We all burst out laughing because the two just didnt seem in the same league.

Cheryl also stated she doesnt believe she would have had a solo career without Will:
There was a moment in time just after Girls Aloud took a break where I thought, Do I do a solo record, or do I start a family?

Considering how things ended up with her husband, Ashley, were pretty convinced she made the right decision.

Cheryl Cole will be performing at Capitals Summertime Ball on June 6th at Wembley Stadium.