Cheryl Cole's Soldier Man Revealed?

See a picture of the "cute" soldier Cheryl Cole has promised to call since returning from Afghanistan.

'Fight For This Love' singer Cheryl Cole came home from Afghanistan with one soldier's phone number, and made a public promise to call the guy.

"I think I'm going to call him this week and we'll see what happens," Cheryl told the Daily Mirror.

"I'm sure he's not expecting me to ring but that's why it'll be funny - and that's why I'm going to do it."

Andy 'Bagsy' Baker, who is a Royal Marine, is the guy in question and he posted a photo of him and Cheryl on his Facebook page.

But he's worried about missing Cheryl's call as military rules mean he can't have his phone on for the next nine days.

"He wants her to know that he’ll be in touch the moment he lands, and wants her to wait for him," Andy's brother-in-law Graham told the Mirror.

"Andy’s a great guy..."

See a glimpse the latest man in Cheryl's life since cheating ex Ashley Cole in this picture below...

Cheryl Cole Soldier