Cheryl Cole Blasts Simon Cowell

Soldiers in Afghanistan joke with Cheryl Cole and help her blow up a dummy of Simon Cowell.

After getting dumped from The X Factor in the US, the soldiers Cheryl is visiting thought they'd have some fun with a dummy of Simon Cowell in a training drill.

The guys were showing Cheryl Cole how to destroy a bomb, but in their demonstration they created a dummy soldier called Simon and let Cheryl blow him up.

"His head needed to be a lot bigger," Cheryl laughed as she hit the detonator.

"And the trousers could have done with being a lot higher."

Cheryl is filming a tribute to British Troops in Afghanistan for the Daily Mirror's Pride Of Britain Awards, ahead of her plans to release new music later this year.

The latest update on Cheryl's album is that she's been working with Taio Cruz and is rumoured to be teaming up with LMFAO, Rihanna and Usher for new songs.