Cheryl Cole: "I Don't See Myself As Beautiful"

28 May 2012, 13:05 | Updated: 28 May 2012, 13:58

The 'Call My Name' singer admits she finds it "cringey" when talking about the topic

Cheryl Cole has confessed that she finds it difficult to label herself as "beautiful" or talk about her looks because she always likes to look at the inner beauty of an individual.

The '3 Words' star told The Observer that she finds it "cringey" discussing her own image and pays no interest in rating high in men's magazine polls.

"I just don't see myself like that. You know those FHM's sexy women or whatever? I don't jump out of bed and frame them," she admitted. "I view people differently anyway. It's almost as if I can see people from the inside. And that's far more special to me."

She continued: "It's like, someone could come into the room and take your breath away by how she looks. Then she opens her mouth and she's a complete b****, or she's got an ugly soul. And I see that.

"Or there's the girl in the corner who has nothing to say and her hair is in a messy bun. She's not what you'd call commercially beautiful, but she speaks with such elegance and grace, and she looks stunning to me." 

The star also opened up on her feelings of having kids someday and admitted she hopes to have a "massive family" by the time she's in her mid-30s.

The Girls Aloud singer also performed her new single 'Call My Name' for the first time this weekend on the semi-final of The Voice UK.