Cheryl Cole's Apology Letter From Ashley Fling

Ashley's girl feels "awful" about her affair with the footballer and sent Cheryl this letter.

The airhostess who confessed to a fling with Ashley Cole has told Cheryl that Ash is a “liar and a cheat” in a guilt-fuelled apology letter.

Kerry Meades writes that Ashley "charmed her into bed" but she now regrets her actions and never wants to see him again.

"I'm sorry you've had to learn this way that Ashley isn’t the changed man you thought he was," Kerry wrote to Cheryl in Reveal magazine.

"It's clear you love Ashley as you’ve taken this huge risk to take him back. I feel awful because he’s let you down again.

"Ashley was meant to be trying to prove himself to you but he failed. Whilst he was trying to win you back, he was with me – and that is just wrong."

Kerry's warning to Cheryl comes just as the 'Parachute' singer is rumoured to be taking back the Chelsea and England defender after they split last year.