Cheryl Cole 'still loves' Ashley

Cheryl Cole 'still loves' Ashley Cole, according to reports.

Heat report that Cheryl told a friend: 'I will always love him, always. He's a big part of my life. I don't think he ever wanted to let it go. We had a great relationship. He was my best friend.'

She then went on to deny she was over the footballer. 'For me, it's not my past, it's very much my present. We were meant for each other. I've always believed Ashley was my soulmate, and still do.'

Speaking about her current beau, she added: 'Derek (Hough) will never be as close to me as Ashley. If i was still with Ashley, I would've had his baby by now.'

A source told the magazine that Cheryl had been 'subconsciously (holding) onto a lot of Ashley in her life.'