Cheryl Cole breaks her silence

Cheryl Cole is remaining upbeat despite her departure from the US version of The X Factor.

Louis Walsh confirmed to Capital that he's been in contact with his former judging partner over the past week ever since she was dropped from the American show.

'Her [Cheryl] and I were texting all day today and she's in a good place she's going to be fine,' he said.

Relations have been sour between Cheryl and Simon Cowell following her exit from US version of The X Factor but Louis reckons the pair will make up in time.

He also defended the music mogul, arguing her departure was not down to him. 

'I think they'll patch it up, I think they'll be friends because they know each other too well,' Louis said.

'He did take a chance, he did give her the chance in America. It just didn't work. It's not his fault, it's not her fault. It's the Americans' fault they have no taste.'

Cheryl's manager also defended Cowell and said he is confident she can still crack the US.