Did Nicola Roberts Just Accidentally Leak Cheryl Cole's New Music On Instagram?

16 April 2018, 12:13 | Updated: 16 April 2018, 16:22

Nicola Roberts just blasted what sounds exactly like Cheryl's voice in her latest Instagram vid, leading people to wonder if she has just leaked her former bandmates new music about Liam?

We know Cheryl has been busy working in the recording studio for up to 12 hours a day with a bunch of different people and we may have finally heard the first slice of her new song about her and Liam thanks to none other than Nicola Roberts!

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They have been posting teaser snaps from the studio for months and now former Girls Aloud and current bestie Nicola has leaked what appears to be Cheryl's new song about her relationship with Liam and the lyrics can be heard saying ''we only got like this cause' I let you.''

Adding to our suspicions, the guy with her in the vid is Jon Shave, a part of a songwriting/production team and they're even sat in the studio whilst they're fooling around!


I never say this but just for this one time - watch out !!

A post shared by Nicola Roberts (@lilcola) onJan 31, 2018 at 8:37am PST

Naughty Boy has also been working with Cheryl on her new music and says it's the most meaningful and edgy music she has ever made, and also has a track inspired by her one-year-old son Bear. We. Are. So. Excited.


Last listen of the day. Made Cheryl do a photoshoot of me.

A post shared by Nicola Roberts (@lilcola) onFeb 9, 2018 at 12:57pm PST

We also love that a piece of Girls Aloud is still alive and kicking, even if we don't still get the dance routines and outfits we so deeply desire.

People are speculating whether Nicola didn't realise she was leaking Cheryl's music in the video, or whether the story that was quickly deleted was in fact deliberate to let fans know that Chezza's come back is imminent! 

Either way, we are living for the fact Cheryl is making a comeback and definitely NOT forgetting her girl band roots, we're ready when you are hun.

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