WATCH: Cardi B Went To The Kardashians' House & Stole This Item To 'Sell On Ebay!'

6 August 2018, 15:41 | Updated: 7 August 2018, 09:55

Cardi B took a well deserved break from looking after new baby daughter Kulture to take a visit to the Kardashians' house, and she fan girled so hard she stole something from their home to sell on eBay!

The Kardashians' latest house guest was none other than Cardi B, who strolled around Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's Hidden Hills mansion, and Cardi even found a second to whip one of Kris Jenner's napkins off the table to 'sell on eBay'.

What an icon. The family are known for inviting round a whole host of famous faces, from Jennifer Lawrence to Oprah, and Cardi has officially made it!

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Always her usual hilarious self, Cardi waves to the camera, putting on her best well spoken voice as Kim and momager Kris giggle away.

Cardi marked the momentous occasion with a snap, captioning it in literally the most fan girl way possible: "Im officially a part of the rich people club! I'm not poor anymore mwahaha!"

"P.s I'm selling one of Kris Jenner's napkins on eBay!"

We legit can't think of one thing we'd have done differently if we'd have stepped into Kimmy K's house.

Even Kanye makes a rare appearance (it is after all, his house) stopping off with Kim, Kris and Cardi to pose in some Kimye masks, and now we finally know what goes on behind closed doors in the Kardashian- West household.

And it's even better than we had hoped.

But now Cardi and Kanye have linked up, we've got to wonder if there's any musical collabs on the way?

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