BTS Want Fans To Stop Booking Tickets Onto Their Flights & Find It 'Uncomfortable'

17 December 2019, 12:25

BTS want fans to stop following them onto planes
BTS want fans to stop following them onto planes. Picture: Getty Images

BTS's V has revealed fans will track which flight the band is on and book themselves on it which he finds uncomfortable, and fans are defending the boys.

BTS's V has spoken about being uncomfortable with fans booking themselves onto flights the K-Pop band are on, just to try and sit near to them and revealed he wishes it would 'stop'.

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V, AKA Taehyung was answering fan questions online, when he revealed: "There are people who know where we sit (on the plane) and sit next to us or in front of us."

"In a private space like that, where we’re supposed to relax, it was very uncomfortable. I wish you wouldn’t do that, honestly. Yes, I’ll stop here."

Their fandom is now stepping in to defend BTS's privacy and are urging members of their 'army' to stop stalking them to this extreme degree.

Some are urging them to only fly privately, or, for their security team to buy the surrounding seats to prevent fans from getting into their personal space.

One tweeted, "taehyung finally spoke about saesangs [fans] who keep invading their privacy esp on the plane. for him, it is really scary. see? bts is uncomfortable and that already speaks so much volume."

"Yes, they are idols and public figures but they also deserve to have personal space."

Another wrote, "my poor baby....imagine after hours of performing you get a chance to relax for few hours in the plane but u can't even do that because some creepy mf sits right next to u."

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