Who Is BTS's Jungkook? K-Pop Star's Age, Tattoos & Net Worth Revealed

25 February 2020, 12:15 | Updated: 23 February 2021, 16:40

Who is BTS's Jungkook? Inside the K-Pop star's life
Who is BTS's Jungkook? Inside the K-Pop star's life. Picture: Getty Images

Jungkook is just one of seven members of the iconic K-Pop group BTS, so how old is he, what's his net worth, and what do all his tattoos mean? We've got it all here!

BTS dropped their ninth studio album 'BE' during lockdown after their enormous 2020 record, Map Of The Soul:7 and have kept Army occupied with their incredible music videos and live sessions throughout the pandemic.

Let's take a closer look at the group's Golden Maknae and of its most loved members, Jungkook, his role in the band, net worth, and those tattoos we're seeing more and more of!

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Jungkook is a singer, songwriter and record producer and 1/7 of the biggest band in the world and K-Pop superstar, BTS.

His role in the band is as a main vocalist, as well as a dancer (as they all are) and at 23-years-old is the youngest member of the group.

How tall is Jungkook?

Jungkook stands at 5ft 8 inches.

What do Jungkook's tattoos mean?

After the band's break in 2019 when Jungkook returned onto the scene, fans noticed his fans were covered in ink- and when it didn't disappear, quickly realised he'd had some permanent tattoos done.

With 'army' written across his knuckles, the name of their fandom, as well as the letter 'J', a love heart, and has reportedly added even further to the collection with a skeleton and Nirvana lyrics that read 'Stay Away.'

What is Jungkook and BTS's net worth?

The band have been around since 2012, have nine studio albums worth of music and constantly sell out stadiums in minutes around the world, so unsurprisingly, they've made some serious cash.

Celebrity Net Worth puts the individual members net worths at £6 million, before each member was gifted shared in their label Big Hit worth a reported $8 million.

So, they are all multi millionaires before the age of 30.

This makes them the richest K-Pop band in South Korea, and despite this eye watering wealth, they remain seriously humble and down to earth!

What's Jungkooks's Instagram handle?

The BTS boys don't have individual Instagram accounts (that we know of), but have a group account with over 22 million followers, that shows them in rehearsals, on stage, or messing around backstage, and it keeps us BTS fans fed!

Jungkook and the band have just dropped their seventh album, titled 'Map Of The Soul' boasting a whopping 20 tracks, one of which features Sia, and the boys are set to head out on a world tour

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