BTS Fan Chants: All The Lyrics For The 2018 Love Yourself World Tour

11 September 2018, 17:33

BTS Fan Chants For Their 'Love Yourself' World Tour
BTS Fan Chants For Their 'Love Yourself' World Tour. Picture: Getty

Going to a BTS live show in 2018? These fan chants will help you learn all the lyrics to get you ready!

There are three things you can guarantee from a BTS live show - there will be plenty of costume changes, there will be hours of epic dance moves and the crowd will be one of the loudest you'll ever hear.

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So when we spotted that BTS fan @bts_kookiemon had created fan chant sheets for every single one of BTS' songs from their 'Love Yourself' World Tour, we just had to check them out. So if you wanna learn all the songs before heading to your first K-pop show, check them all out below...

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