Taboo's 'Journey' to be a dad

Taboo is a dad for the third time.

Like all good celebrities the Black Eyed Peas star kept his fans up to date with his wife's condition via Twitter.

Jaymie Dizon gave birth to a baby boy in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

The tweets went like this,

"This is it 4:05am it's time wifey and I are heading to the hospital,"

"Contractions lasting 30-47 sec between 3-5 min it's time go time!!... 3 cm dilated journey is on his way good times.... Wife is doing fine... I'm doing my part..."

Once the boy arrived we got this update "By the way it's a boy for those of you asking and his name is Journey... Thanks for your support."

Journey is Taboo's third baby and second with Jaymie - who gave birth to Jimmy Jalen in 2009. He also has another son, Josh, who was born in 1993.