Billie Eilish Has Her Ring Stolen By A Fan During Her Concert

15 October 2019, 11:54 | Updated: 16 October 2019, 09:59

Billie Eilish had her ring taken from her hand at a festival
Billie Eilish had her ring taken from her hand at a festival. Picture: Getty

Billie Eilish had one of her rings taken from her hand during her performance at Austin City Limits Festival.

Billie Eilish is known for interacting with her fans during her concerts, walking through the crowd throughout her show to sing close to her fans.

But as she strolled between the barriers where the audience was parted and held hands with the crowd, someone managed to slip Billie’s ring from her hand without her noticing.

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Despite having numerous hands reach out to her and try to touch her, Billie kept a cool appearance throughout her stunning performance of ‘Ocean Eyes’.

However, when she returned to the stage she noticed her ring was gone. But instead of freaking out Billie had the best response, telling whoever nabbed the piece of jewellery to keep it safe.

Stopping on the stage the 17 year old said: “Somebody stole my f*****g ring!”

She added: “I guess that’s my fault. Keep that s**t. Take care of that s**t.”

After the video of Billie noticing her ring had gone emerged on Twitter, some fans tried to track down the culprit and one eagle-eyed fan caught the exact moment her ring was removed from her hand.

They tweeted: “Hey, @billieeilish… I think I know when your ring got stolen.”

Meanwhile, most fans were fuming at the extent to which the teenager is grabbed when she interacts with fans in the crowd.

One person raged on Twitter: “When Billie Eilish walked through the crowd, a bunch of people started groping her. That’s so f****d up. 1) Don’t grab anyone without consent especially near their throat or chest and 2) she’s a child. People are gross. And someone stole her ring.”

Billie is heading on tour in 2020, announcing her plans to tour the globe earlier this month.

She’ll be coming to the UK in July, performing in Manchester, Birmingham and London.

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