Adam Inker

Adam's from Oxford. He supports Tottenham Hotspur and has 'a thing' for Justin Bieber.

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Most listened to track on my mp3 player?
Jay-Z - Dirt Off Your Shoulder

Most embarrassing track on my mp3 player?
Either The Wrestlemania Album from the WWF wrestlers, or Sir Mix-A-Lot "Baby Got Back".

Favourite gig you've ever been to?
Kings of Leon at Leeds Festival 2007. They were incredible. Stevie Wonder at Glastonbury was great too.

Favourite live music venue?
Brixton Academy. It's big enough to get decent bands, but small enough to feel like a 'proper' gig venue.

What's your favourite South Coast place?
We're spoiled for choice really. I like the the New Forest. There are some great camping spots. And the Isle of Wight has some places I love too. I like Vendtnor, it's lovely there.

Favourite drinking hole on the South Coast?
For a few beers Wine Vaults in Southsea. For a big night Orange Rooms Southampton.

Favourite Restaurant on the South Coast?
Truffles in Southsea. The food is amazing, it's not ridiculously expensive and the atmosphere is really chilled out.

Favourite thing to do on the South Coast?
Get the BBQ out in the summer and get down to the beach.

Favourite place to go shopping?
West Quay

Tell us a little known fact about this part of the world.
Southampton was the first city in the UK to sample fish fingers in 1955

What makes you laugh?
Will Ferrell movies, Peep Show and my mates.

What's the best piece of advice you've ever been given?
Be happy.

How would your best friend describe you in three words?
Really really nice (can't print what he said, but I think this is what he meant).

What's your favourite movie and why?
City of God. Absolute classic. A Gangster movie without cheesy lines.

Who do you call when you get good news?
My Mum and Dad

Which bit of your body do you like the least?
My nostrils, they are massive.

Why didn't you ask me about...
When a man saved my life with a knife

We're buying, what will you have?
A pint of cider.

I'm ill, please get me...
A nurse if it's an option

Worst job I ever had was...
Working in pot wash. Sweaty, stinking, horrible job.

If you're getting a takeaway I'll have...

Facebook is...
Great/trouble/embarrassing/funny/intrusive/perfect for snooping

If I had to compete in the olympics it would be in...
Welly wanging. Just to tell everyone I was a professional wanger.