Roman, Vick & Sonny Issue A Formal Apology To Nick Jonas On Capital Breakfast With Roman Kemp: The Podcast

31 May 2019, 17:29

Roman Kemp with Nick Jonas
Roman Kemp with Nick Jonas. Picture: Capital

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Miley Cyrus got Roman, Vick and Sonny into a little trouble when she asked the Jonas Brothers the one question you NEVER ask the Jonas Brothers.

Miley Cyrus is an actual force of nature when it comes to breaking all the rules, there's no hiding that fact at this point.

However, when the Capital Breakfast trio gave Miley the opportunity to ask the Jonas Brothers any question she'd like... she went straight for purity rings.

Miley, we salute you!

Of course, it wasn't only Miley Cyrus who stopped by for a chat. Pop queen Katy Perry joined the Roman to talk about everything from her new single 'Never Really Over' to how her bae Orlando Bloom proposed to her.

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