Tati Westbrook responds to fan complaints about her "ripped" Blendiful product

4 February 2020, 16:15

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Tati said an "endo flare-up" stopped her making the video sooner.

Tati Westbrook has responded to criticism of her Blendiful makeup puffs following backlash from fans. In January, the YouTuber released the "game-changing" Blendiful, a makeup tool created by her brand Tati Beauty. The product, which retails for $18, promises to "seamlessly" buff powder, cream or liquid makeup into the skin.

The Blendiful can be machine washed or hand washed, according to the website, which obviously makes it an appealing investment. However, after Tati's fans snapped up the new tool, some claimed that their Blendiful had ripped after one or two washes.

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Others noted that despite claims that it could be washed, the makeup would not budge.

On Monday (3 Feb), Tati shared a YouTube video titled "BLENDIFUL DRAMA ... Recall, Gossip & Tutorial" addressing concerns about the makeup puffs and "clearing the air". Tati said that there are no issues with the puffs, nor had they been recalled, and out of 100,000 Blendifuls sold "less than 1%" were damaged.

"This can be [a] shipping issue, this could be, 'I put my hairdryer too close to the Blendiful, I got curious about the seam, I ripped it open. What do I do? I threw it in the washer without a bag, it's all lumpy', or someone having a legitimate tear," she explained.

"Maybe they used it while it was still wet, maybe they were too aggressive while washing it, so many different things can happen. And this just happens, you guys. Consumer goods do break. There are times where you do need to replace and assist, and I very much am that company that wants to help and wants to assist and wants the customer to have the best experience ever."

Tati Westbrook responds to fan complaints about her "ripped" Blendiful product
Tati Westbrook responds to fan complaints about her "ripped" Blendiful product. Picture: Tati via YouTube, @bahhhhrenda via Twitter

Tati also insisted that this wasn't a "cash grab", in fact, she makes no money from her cosmetics brand. "I wanna also tell you guys, this isn't a cash grab," she explained. "The company has to date earned $15 million in sales, we have paid taxes, and then poured everything back into creating and researching and developing new product and ordering materials and I am building this to be a dream brand for you guys and for myself. I haven't made a dime from Tati Beauty."

She added: "This is legacy to me, and this is life-long to me, and this is the big dream to me, so it is in no way, shape, or form a cash grab."

Tati finished the video with a tutorial on how to properly use the and care for the Blendiful. Although they were released in January (alongside a launch video with information on how to use it), Tati wanted to give other YouTubers and her customers time to use the Blendiful how they see fit before sharing her own step-by-step tutorial.

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However, she experienced an endometriosis flare-up which meant the video came later than expected. "Unfortunately after my anniversary trip I had a pretty serious endo flare-up, it was really rough and I was in a lot of pain," she said. Tati also said she doesn't feel comfortable talking about it publicly because of the hurtful comments she receives about her health and the symptoms stopped her from doing planned Instagram Stories posts.

Watch the video here.

BLENDIFUL DRAMA ... Recall, Gossip & Tutorial

She continued: "I'm an open book when it comes to questions about my brand and my channel. If you see that I'm doing something that you think is scandalous, fine, go for it – please leave my health out of it."