Sophie Turner just got bangs and she looks almost unrecognisable

24 May 2019, 12:10

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Sophie Turner with a fringe? You love to see it!

Sophie Turner, first of her name, Queen of juuling on set, lover of weep vape pens, one third of the Jonas Sisters, Queen in the North... and now, owner of bangs. Yes, that's right. Sophie Turner has blunt bangs - and she looks almost unrecognisable.

Between saying goodbye to Sansa Stark on the Game of Thrones press tour and fronting the campaign for her leading role as Jean Grey in X-Men's Dark Phoenix, Sophie has been serving undeniable lewks upon lewks upon lewks over the past few weeks.

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Stepping out of her London hotel yesterday (May 24), she served a brand new hair style and she looked flawless.

Is it a hair piece? Maybe. In fact, probably. We'll find out for sure when she posts another fire selfie in about...10 minutes. But who cares? She looks good! Between this fringe, those cheekbones and that jawline, I have been found dead in a ditch!

As for the rest of the look? She stepped of her hotel on her way to record a taping of The Graham Norton Show in a velvet power suit, looking every inch like a boss ass '70s businesswoman who could sue me at the click of her fingers.

Honestly? If Sophie Turner's fit murders me, DO NOT PROSECUTE HER because she caught ME slipping. That is on ME. Her (possible) fringe wig has sent my wig flying into orbit.

SHE πŸ—£ LOOKS πŸ—£ SO πŸ—£ GOOD πŸ—£