Nike have released their own 'Crocs' sandals and they're hideous

19 August 2019, 17:10

Nike Air Force.
Nike Air Force. Picture: Nike
Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

I'm calling the police.

Nike are responsible for some classic footwear. From the Air Max to the Air Force ranges, most of us have a pair of Nikes in our closet. But the sportswear brand's newest addition to the Air Force 1 family are, um… different, shall we say.

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Nike just revealed its new Air Force 1 VTF trainers and straight away people have commented on their similarity to Crocs. Crocs have got a lot of stick over the years for being ugly and even with a sold-out collaboration with Post Malone himself, people just can't look past the poor old shoe.


Nike's Air Force 1 VTF come in black leather and feature gold detailing with the signature tick logo on the side. The new shoe looks exactly like an Air Force 1 at the front, but it all Crocs in the back. Yep, someone actually decided the addition of a slingback would really take the trainer-sandal hybrid to the next level.

The trainers are selling for $90 (£74), around the same price as a traditional Air Force 1 but much more expensive than the average Croc, which come in at around $36 (£30).

Needless to say, the internet were not feeling Nike's latest drop.

Sadly, Nike are currently only selling this style in kids sizes, which means you're out of luck if your feet are bigger than a UK6. But who knows in the future you might be lucky enough to swipe your very own adult-sized pair.

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