A new period emoji is coming and it's about time

7 February 2019, 17:55

Period emoji.
A new period emoji is coming and it's about time. Picture: Plan UK
Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Not everyone is so pleased, though.

Ladies, the emoji we've all been waiting for is here! A period emoji is coming to Android and iOS, and, honestly, what took SO long. We're actually getting 230 emojis in total and soon we'll be able to get things off our chest more precisely than ever before. I mean, the new "pinching hand" emoji already has people making small dick jokes…

The emoji is shaped like a drop, which is already available, but it's in red. None of the blue gunk used in sanitary ads, which companies often use to replicate blood.


The period emoji was born following a joint campaign by women's right's charity Plan International UK and the blood service for England, which received support from more than 55,000 people.

Unicode revealed the new symbol will be released later this year. The intention of the campaign is to remove the stigma and shame around menstruation.

Of course, people were absolutely living for it.

However, there were those who still believe having a period is "disgusting". Meanwhile, others claims simply having a new emoji ignored the real women's issues going on right now.

FYI, periods are not disgusting. They're perfectly normal and the release of this emoji only further proves we really need to open up the discussion about them more. Shake the table, sis!