10 absolutely iconic mullets that defined 2020

14 December 2020, 17:06

Miley Cyrus reveals why she got a mullet

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Miley Cyrus? Leigh-Anne Pinnock? Troye Sivan? It's time to find out who wore the mullet best.

There are two types of people in the world, those who have the confidence to rock a mullet and those who don't. Where you fall says a lot about your character and 2020 really separated the mullet gods from the mere mortals. As the world went into lockdown and hairdressers temporarily closed, all hell broke loose and people tried out styles they'd never worn before.

Naturally, the mullet came out on top. Business at the front, party at the back - it's one of the few DIY hairstyles that people can do at home without expert guidance. The mullet isn't just a look though, it's a lifestyle and some people embodied it in 2020 better than others. With that in mind, here is the official list of the most iconic mullets in 2020 ranked.

Honourable mention to Halsey who killed the mullet game in 2019.

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The best mullets of 2020 ranked
The best mullets of 2020 ranked. Picture: @leighannepinnock via Instagram, Vijat Mohindra/MTV VMAs 2020/Vijat Mohindra/MTV VMAs 2020 via Getty Images, @troyesivan via Instagram

10) Joe Exotic

Joe Exotic is at the bottom of the list for obvious reasons. His mullet is an integral part of 2020 but a mullet doesn't make a man, a man makes the mullet.


9) Rihanna

Rihanna is style. She can pull off anything so it's no surprise that she can pull off a mullet better than anyone else. Fans will already know that she first rocked one in 2013, but she brought it back for the 2020 Savage x Fenty show and it was every bit as iconic as it was the first time.

Rihanna would top this list but she's been penalised for not releasing a new album for 1783 days and counting. No mullet can distract from the fact that she lied about releasing new music in 2019 and there's still no new music. Rih-al eyes see rih-al lies, Rihanna.

8) Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish lowkey got her mullet in 2019, and she was still rocking it at the Grammys, so she deffo deserves her dues when it comes to the mullet revival of 2020. However, it was an accidental mullet. When asked about the mullet by TMZ, Billie said: "Mullet, what you mean mullet? That's so mean!"

She then explained: "You know what happened? Somebody dyed my hair and they burnt half of it off and now it looks like a mullet. That shit is not on purpose though." As much as we stan Billie's mullet, this mullet disrespect will not be tolerated hence her placing on this list.

7) Debby Ryan

As well as spawning the iconic Radio Rebel meme this year, Debby Ryan has been spawning iconic looks. In November, she joined the mullet brigade, and she ate and left no crumbs. Had she got it sooner, she would have ranked higher on this list. Petition for a Radio Rebel sequel featuring this hairstyle.

6) Jacob Elordi

Jacob Elordi is the poster boy du jour thanks to his starring roles in Euphoria and The Kissing Booth. Given his natural good looks, it's no surprise that he can work a mullet. Speaking to GQ Australia, Jacob referred to his new do as "luscious" and we have no choice but to agree. We only wish he'd gone full Billy Ray Cyrus with the length in the back.

5) Barbie Ferreira

From one Euphoria legend to another, Barbie Ferreira has also let her mullet flag fly this year. In fact, she first got hers back in 2019 and she's been serving multiple mullet styles since. 11/10 would let Barbie Ferreira and her mullet punch me in the face.

4) Troye Sivan

Troye Sivan is a late addition to the mullet hall of fame but he committed so hard to the look that he more than deserves his place in our Top 5. Oh to be a strand of Troye Sivan's mullet in the 'Easy' remix music video with Kacey Musgraves. All hail our rat king!

3) Leigh-Anne Pinnock

Little Mix love a theme and they went all-in with the 80s vibe of their 'Break Up Song' promo. Leigh-Anne Pinnock may have only worn this mullet for one Little Mix shoot but oh what a mullet. It takes a special kind of person to give a mullet a sense of glamour and Leigh-Anne Pinnock's 'Break Up Song' mullet is the definition of glamour.

Hang this wig in the Louvre!

2) Miley Cyrus

It's no coincidence that Miley Cyrus released the best album of her career to date while sporting a mullet. Legend has it that there is great power in the mullet and who are we to argue with that. One of the reasons why Plastic Hearts is so brilliant is because it radiates big mullet energy. The spirit of Billy Ray Cyrus lives on in his successor and we truly love to see it.

1) Crystal Methyd

The only acceptable winner of PopBuzz's Mullet Race. Crystal Methyd is mullet culture. This isn't a moment or an era. This is Crystal. You can't compete when you don't compare.