Mercury "Retroshade" is coming and it's even worse than retrograde

2 August 2019, 16:11

Venus stock photo, Wendy Williams crying
Mercury "Retroshade" is coming and it's even worse than retrograde. Picture: 3quarks, Pop

By Jazmin Duribe

Just when you thought it was safe to leave your cave.

Guys, we've done it, we've survived one savage Mercury Retrograde and the lunar eclipse, and we should be proud of ourselves. Was it easy? Hell no, but we've made it out on the other side and now it's time to enjoy the rest of the summer and Leo season…well, no actually there's more. Sorry, the "Retroshade" period is only just beginning and it might be even worse than the retrograde.

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Mercury retrograde ended on 31 July, but apparently the planet's effect on our lives will still be felt for another two weeks and that's all because of the pesky post-shadow period.

What is "retroshade"?


The retroshade period is the time around two weeks after the retrograde, when Mercury appears to rapidly slow down. It then starts to move forward again in its proper motion, Bustle reports. Bad news incoming – Mercury's retroshade period will be whacking us hard until August 15.

Whilst the retrograde gets a bad rep for messing with all things communication and travel, the "powerful" retroshade period can just bring up the exact same issues and possibly much worse. Yay…

"It's a time to clean up anything that happened during Mercury retrograde or to integrate any lessons you learned along the way," intuitive astrologer and healer Rachel Lang told Well and Good. "Often during Mercury retrograde, so much awareness about the past comes to the surface."


However, the retroshade is going to make us confront all those issues head on and hopefully come to a resolution. So, if you're thinking of finally blocking your ex now could be the perfect time.

Rachel continued: "Often, this can be a time when you change your mind. You could also notice tiny errors you missed, typos in contracts, or mistakes you might have made in communication with others.

"It’s a time to refine some of what you worked on during Mercury retrograde. Or to face some consequences for errors you may have made. That said, it can be gentle, too, as it gives you a second chance."

Needless to say, people are totally over Mercury being a shady bitch.

*grabs sunglasses*