Lush are releasing a Mercury Retrograde bath bomb in their Halloween collection

10 September 2019, 15:59

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

It's officially spooky season.

Yes, we know it's September but Halloween is literally in touching distance. That means it's time to start preparing our Halloween costumes, organising our collection of horror movies and…buying a new bath bomb?

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Lush Cosmetics is coming through with its annual Halloween collection filled with ghost-shaped, spookily-scented and pumpkin-themed products. However, this Halloween is going to be even worse than you can imagine because Mercury is in retrograde on 31 October to 20 November.

Now Lush is merging our love of astrology and our love of relaxation by launching the Mercury Retrograde Bath Bomb within its Halloween collection.

A Lush storefront along the Santa Monica promenade.
A Lush storefront along the Santa Monica promenade. Picture: Bob Berg/Contributor, Lush

As you probably know, Mercury Retrograde usually brings us nothing but communication issues and technological chaos. It usually happens a few times a year (the last one being in August) when Mercury appears to be moving "backwards". Lush's bath bomb has been specifically designed to help elevate the stress of the problems that will inevitably be coming our way.

Containing soothing lemon to destress our tense bods, anti-inflammatory gardenia and warming ginger and cinnamon, it's bound to take the edge off of the particularly chaotic planetary shift. And as to be expected, everything is vegan, natural and cruelty-free.

Mercury Retrograde Bath Bomb.
Mercury Retrograde Bath Bomb. Picture: Lush

The Mercury Retrograde Bath Bomb will retail for $7.95 and it'll fittingly be available in Lush stores and online from Friday 13 September.