Kim Kardashian urged to pay fan who came up with the name of her shapewear line Skims

28 August 2019, 15:32

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

"Another original idea stolen for profit."

Kim Kardashian has just revealed the name of her new shapewear line Skims following the backlash she received for originally naming it Kimono. However, as with most Kardashian business ventures, there's some added drama. People are now claiming that they're behind the name and some believe they should be paid handsomely for their services.

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In case you didn't know, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star announced that she was adding another business to her long resumé in June 2019, venturing into the world of shapewear. As a lifelong wearer of Spanx it actually seemed like the perfect match… until she revealed the controversial name.

Kim Kardashian West at her first-ever KKW Beauty and Fragrance pop-up opening, Skims Solutionwear ad.
Kim Kardashian West at her first-ever KKW Beauty and Fragrance pop-up opening, Skims Solutionwear ad. Picture: Presley Ann/Stringer, @kimkardashian via Instagram

Kim chose to name her brand Kimono, a play on her own name and also an item of traditional Japanese clothing. The move sparked a lot of backlash and Kim was accused of cultural appropriation. Upon reflection, Kim announced she would in fact change the name and she had the laborious task of coming up with new business names.

Looking for some internet inspo, she turned to her 61.7 million Twitter followers for a little help. She tweeted: "We haven't renamed it, but do you guys like the name Solutionwear? Any other names your liking?"

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Finally I can share with you guys this project that I have been developing for the last year. I’ve been passionate about this for 15 years. Kimono is my take on shapewear and solutions for women that actually work. I would always cut up my shapewear to make my own styles, and there have also been so many times I couldn’t find a shapeware color that blended with my skin tone so we needed a solution for all of this. The third pic is the solution short. I developed this style for all of those times I wanted to wear a dress or skirt with a slit and still needed the support. Introducing Kimono Solutionwear™ for every body. Coming Soon in sizes XXS - 4XL in 9 shades. I can’t wait for you to feel this fabric!#KimonoBody @kimono Photos by Vanessa Beecroft

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After weeks of deliberation, Kim announced that her brand would be called – drum roll, please – Skims Solutionwear.

"My fans and followers are a huge inspiration to me – I’m always listening to their feedback and opinions, and am so grateful they shared their ideas for a new brand name," she wrote on Instagram.

"After much thought and consideration, I’m excited to announce the launch of @SKIMS Solutionwear™ coming September 10. I love the idea that the pieces will be the closest thing to someone’s skin, skimming with amazingly soft and supportive fabrics which accentuate the best parts of our bodies."

However, soon after the announcement, one Twitter user claimed she had in fact come up with the name and she pulled out receipts of a tweet she had sent dated 8 July 2019. Soon others came forward also claiming it was their idea.

Some didn't appear angry about inspiring the name of Kim's business, though, with one woman saying she was "literally shook" that Kim had chosen her suggestion.

However, others believed Kim should give her fans a cut of the business or at least credit them.

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