Jeffree Star is launching a new eyeshadow palette

13 November 2019, 17:51

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Fans are predicting that a purple eyeshadow palette could be on the cards for Jeffree Star Cosmetics in 2020.

There is truly no rest for the iconic. Fresh off his record-breaking launch with Shane Dawson and the Conspiracy collection, Jeffree Star is back at it again and working on new and exciting products for Jeffree Star Cosmetics in 2020.

Taking to Instagram yesterday (Nov 12), Jeffree updated his fans to let them know that he was in the lab all day creating and getting ready for the year ahead.

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What's coming? Eyeshadow palettes (yes, that's plural) and some other new products and formulas too.

“We are in the lab today and I am working on a little bit of magic for next year," Jeffree said. "I have some amazing eyeshadow palettes coming, so many formulas of other products.”

He continued: "When you see the palettes coming next year… Bitch, I’m not playing around.”

Shook. Jeffree's last launch, Blue Blood, was his biggest to date before it was overtaken by Conspiracy. With the hype surrounding Jeffree's makeup at an all time high, his next drop will no doubt be just as hard to get your hands on too.

While he's keeping the new products under wraps for now, fans have been speculating that his next collection could have a purple theme, after they spotted an unreleased 'Queen Bitch' mini liquid lip bundle sitting amongst his previous mini lip releases in one of Shane's videos. Royal Blood, anyone?

As for his other products? Fans have clocked that he's registered a trademark for a skin care line and they really really really want that Jeffree Star Cosmetics formula eyeliner too.

Jeffree... please. Let our debit cards rest! Praying for everyone's bank accounts at this very trying time.