Jeffree Star explains the 'hairs' found in Conspiracy palette

22 November 2019, 20:11

"I pride myself on quality and fully apologize for this error," Jeffree said, after explaining that the 'hairs' were fibres from ribbon sheets.

The launch of Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star's record-breaking Conspiracy palette has been one of the biggest events in the beauty community in 2019. According to Jeffree, they managed to sell over 1 million palettes in total, making it the biggest launch for Jeffree Star Cosmetics so far.

However, as expected with such a huge launch, there's been a few small hiccups. Almost 3 weeks after placing their orders, some fans say they are still waiting for their products to be delivered. That's been addressed by Jeffree now, but fans have also been waiting to hear an explanation about another issue.

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Last week, videos were posted on social media that showed fibres, or 'hairs' as some people described them, being pulled out from underneath certain shades in the palette. The issue only appeared to affect a handful of customers.

Jeffree, who always promises to be completely transparent when it comes to his products, has now taken to Twitter to address the issue head on and explain what happened.

After launching an investigation as to why this happened to a certain amount of palettes, it was concluded that "the source of the fibres are from the cut ribbon sheets that were pressed into the product."

Jeffree shared the full investigation findings on social media, saying "I pride myself on quality and fully apologize for this error."

Giving fans an insight into how the palettes are pressed, Jeffree shared a video of the process with the cut ribbon sheets being used.

"So when they are pressing the eye shadows with all the pans, they put a piece of ribbon and material in between the metal and the eye shadows and they are pressing it in between," Jeffree explained on Instagram. "It's not toxic, it's completely safe, but it's still disgusting. It does not represent my brand."

"Moving forward my manufacturer will make sure this never happens again and have put in place several precautions and steps to avoid the ribbon issue," Jeffree wrote alongside the video of the palettes being pressed. "You all know how serious I take my company, thank you for listening"

For those that did discover fibers in their palettes (according to Jeffree, his customer service team have only had 35 complaints out of 1.1 million palette orders), JSC has sent out new ones and has also given a full refund to the customers who were affected.

It's handled.