Jeffree Star claps back at criticism of his Blood Lust eyeshadow palette

14 February 2020, 12:13

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Fans have said that there aren't "enough purple shades" in Jeffree Star's new Blood Lust palette.

In December, Jeffree Star announced that his third Blood Sugar palette would be released in February 2020 – and it's finally here…kind of. The YouTuber's highly-anticipated Blood Lust collection will drop on 21 February. The purple-themed collection includes merch, the Queen Bitch mini lip gloss bundle and a blinding Extreme Frost highlighter.

But it's the Blood Lust eyeshadow palette that's the real star of the show. The 18-pan palette comes in a hexagon-shaped box that's wrapped in plush purple velvet. Like it's older sisters, Blood Sugar (all reds) and Blue Blood (blues) there's a clear theme here.

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Jeffree unveiled his palette on YouTube, showing off the different purple hues. While some fans are literally scrambling to get the palette, others have been left a little disappointed. Some aren't feeling the colour story because the palette contains three variations of lavender.

The Blood Lust collection launches on 21 Feb
The Blood Lust collection launches on 21 Feb. Picture: Jeffree Star via YouTube

Well, Jeffree has now responded to the criticism on his Instagram Story. He said: "I’m seeing 90% everyone is dying, gagging and living, and I’m seeing 10% 'Jeffree, we wanted a few more purples in the palette' – fully get what a lot of you are saying," he explained.

"I wanted to make a palette that could complement any pink, any purple, any magenta, and fuchsia look. And I think maybe the photography is translating a little light on a few of the shades but when you see them all in person and you touch them, and the shifts and the metallic and the lavenders…bitch, it’s everything I dreamed of."

Jeffree also hinted that another palette is in the works for all those that feel like they missed out on darker colours. He added: "I didn’t want to go full dark goth. I know some of you were maybe expecting that but if you want a crazy goth moment… get ready for the next palette after this one."

Well, there you have it. Ms Jeffree Lynn has spoken and we're already theorising on what the next palette could be…