Jeffree Star is discontinuing Alien and Thirsty eyeshadow palettes

15 January 2020, 11:37

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

The eyeshadow palettes will be taken out of production to make way for new products in 2020.

Time to say goodbye to two of Jeffree Star Cosmetics' iconic eyeshadow palettes... so stock up while you can!

Yesterday (14 Jan), Jeffree took to Twitter to confirm the rumours that the Alien palette and the Thirsty palette will be taken out of production and discontinued to make way for new and exciting palettes coming to the brand in 2020.

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"Yes the rumors are true #JeffreeStarCosmetics is discontinuing the Thirsty & Alien eyeshadow palettes!" Jeffree told his fans. "Time to make room for all the new shit dropping in 2020!"

Both palettes were released in 2018, after the Blood Sugar palette launch. Thirsty was part of Jeffree Star Cosmetics' Summer 2018 collection, and the Alien palette followed in November alongside the holiday collection.

Jeffree has already teased a number of new products launching on Jeffree Star Cosmetics in 2020 – and it sounds like an iconic year ahead.

The launch of his much-anticipated eyeliner formula will soon be available, as well as multiple eyeshadow palettes and – if the rumours are true – a new mini lip vault collection.

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Talking on Instagram Stories to his fans in November 2019, Jeffree teased: "When you see the palettes coming next year… Bitch, I’m not playing around."

While speaking on Trisha Paytas' podcast, Jeffree also confirmed Blood Sugar part 3, set for release in February 2020: "I'll exclusively say this on here that my next launch is Blood Sugar Part 3 – and it’s sickening."

But what will the colour theme be? What shades will Jeffree bring to the table?

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Following the hype surrounding the "unnamed green shade" that sent fans wild in Shane Dawson's Conspiracy collection, fans think he could be bringing a green palette into the family. Other theories include a purple palette, which could have something to do with the unreleased mini liquid lip bundle called "Queen Bitch" that was spotted in Jeffree's office in one of Shane's documentary episodes.

With the launch of Jeffree's first batch of new products still set for February 2020, it looks like we won't have too long to wait until we're blessed with new JSC magic.

(Oh, and if you're thinking of stocking up on the Alien palette and the Thirsty palette, the two are currently sold out).