People think Fashion Nova have "Photoshopped" this model's crotch

3 January 2019, 15:53

Fashion Nova model in bodysuit/Meme guy confused
People are accusing Fashion Nova of "Photoshopping" a model's crotch. Picture: Instagram/@FashionNova/Pinterest
Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

"My pussy could never."

The online fashion market is a minefield of drama. Last month, Boohoo were accused of putting padding on slim model's to make them appear plus size, while ASOS removed an item from their website which was accused of "profiting from black culture". And don't even get us started on the Zara models and their weird AF poses. Now Fashion Nova has been accused of "photoshopping" a model's, ahem, crotch.

The US fashion brand shared a photo of its Lace Lace Baby Pant Set on Instagram and let's just say it's a real head turner. The bodysuit – modelled by Yodit Yemane – is made of black lace, complete with long sleeves and a sheer body.

The extremely high-cut item leaves little to the imagination in the nether regions. It's pretty much slashed right up to the waist, leaving the hips exposed to the elements. Teamed with some high-waisted trousers in the same fabric, it's not too extreme, but when you whip those trousers off it's clear the crotch area is pretty darn small. Practically dental floss, even. We're talking one false move and it's game over.

People couldn't fathom how anyone would be able to wear the bodysuit, while the model looked suspiciously smooth and, er, "contained" despite the lack of fabric.

"The editing is a mess," one Instagram user wrote. "Y'all know better with this Photoshop!" added another. A third agreed, commenting: "Whoever Photoshopped this photo… fire them." And a fourth concluded: "The pantie part is Photoshopped or at least it looks like it."


Now Fashion Nova have made a name for themselves for creating the most risqué designs and with Cardi B on their design board, it's no surprise. But this isn't the first time people have called out Fashion Nova for allegedly editing their models beyond recognition.

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And again, one month later, another model called a stir.

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