Doja Cat says she was rejected by a fashion brand for being "too sexy"

5 March 2020, 15:48

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Doja Cat wanted to wear a custom Dickies outfit in her 'Bottom Bitch' music video but they blocked her.

Doja Cat has transformed from a more niche artist to full-blown mainstream star. After releasing the music video for her viral hit 'Say So' and her song 'Boss Bitch' from the Birds of Prey soundtrack, people are really starting to pay attention to Doja. But the rapper isn't just known for her musical talents, she's also known for her unique sense of style.

Doja Cat's (real name Amalaratna "Amala" Zandile Dlamini) style is all her own and that's all thanks to her stylist Brett Alan Nelson. He's dressed the likes of Kylie Jenner, Lizzo and Nicki Minaj, so you know he knows his stuff.

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Doja and Brett recently teamed up for an interview with Billboard, where they discussed some of her most iconic looks. One of them includes the lewks for her music video 'Bottom Bitch', which had a punky skater vibe. However, Doja and Brett revealed that she was blocked from wearing an outfit by fashion brand Dickies because of her provocative image.

Doja Cat performing, naked
Doja Cat performing, naked. Picture: Ethan Miller/Getty Images, @dojacat via Instagram

"Dickies originally gave me logo clearance and they're a very church-going, Trump-supporting, Texas-based company," Brett explained. "They thought Doja was too sexy for their brand. I said, 'You literally approved your logo with me. I made a custom outfit."

Luckily, Brett had a plan. He added: "Dickies took that away from me, so I wanted to take a jab at them. So the night before, I coloured out the '-IES' and coloured in where the horseshoe is. Her whole entire outfit just said 'dick'. You can't see it, but I asked legal what we can get away with. They said if we changed the logo at least 50 percent, then it's fine.

"Doja makes so many sexual innuendos here and there in her music. There's a quirkiness that's very intelligent behind what she does, so it's nice to do little tricks…dicks."

Doja also spoke about her iconic merkin nude-illusion bodysuit, which she wore for her performance at the Adult Video News Awards (AVN) in January.

She said: "I liked that, though, because I have a landing strip – it's not anyone's business. But you can put that in! I connected that to [the bodysuit]. I mean, I don't have that much hair, not to get into too much detail. [laughs] But it was perfect because it covers everything up, but it was so porn and so AVN."