AJ Odudu’s Proper Chat With Joel Dommett And Lynn Ruth Miller

14 May 2021, 16:58

AJ Odudu’s chats to Joel Dommett and Lynn Ruth Miller
AJ Odudu chats to Joel Dommett and Lynn Ruth Miller. Picture: Other
Capital FM

By Capital FM

Let's have a proper chat! giffgaff and Capital FM want to continue important conversations as we all start heading out again.

We've teamed up with giffgaff to encourage you to pick up the phone for a good old proper chat! As life continues to get back to normal we want to make sure that we're all finding the time to have conversations that matter.

AJ Odudu sat down with Joel Dommett and comedian Lynn Ruth Miller to have a natter about what matters to them.

AJ talks to guests about what proper chats mean to them and why it's important to talk to friends and family on the regular.

Watch below!

AJ Odudu’s Proper Chat with Joel Dommett and Lynn Ruth Miller

Nowadays we can reach anyone at the touch of a button, sometimes DMs just don't do the trick and all you need is a good old fashioned phone call with a loved one.

Take it from AJ and have a proper chat of your own!

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