Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star's Conspiracy palette voted 2019's 'Best Eyeshadow Palette'

8 January 2020, 14:46

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Shane and Jeffree's Conspiracy palette took the crown over Tati Westbrook's Textured Neutrals Vol. 1.

Can you believe it's only been two months since Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star's Conspiracy collection was released? Feels like it's been ages, doesn't it?

The 2019 collection, which is set to be restocked at some point in early 2020, ended up being of one of the most in demand makeup collections of the year, with over 1 million Conspiracy and Mini Controversy palettes being sold in less than an hour. (Crashed website be damned!)

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The collection wasn't without its criticisms (most of which Shane was pretty excited to hear about) but, considering the results of TrendMood's Best of 2019 makeup, the Conspiracy palette still proved to be the most popular of the year.

TrendMood polled their Instagram followers and asked them to vote on the best makeup products of 2019. Over 1 million votes were cast and the results saw Rihanna's Fenty Beauty dominate every category it was nominated for (no surprises there) as well as Shane's collab with Jeffree taking the crown in two categories.

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In the 'Best Eyeshadow Palette' category, Shane and Jeffree's Conspiracy palette juggernaut narrowly pipped Tati Westbrook's new sold-out Textured Neutrals Vol. 1 palette to the post. Shane and Jeffree were also voted 'Best Collab of the Year', beating Jackie Aina's collab with Anastasia Beverly Hills with 67% of the vote.

In other Jeffree news, Fenty Beauty's Gloss Bomb Lip Luminizer lipgloss beat out Jeffree Star Cosmetics' The Gloss as the most popular gloss, with 70%. Rihanna, as always, stays winning.

See the complete list of results from Trend Moon's 2019 poll below.

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