Tom and Claire backstage at Fusion Festival 2015

Fusion Festival 2015

Rudimental, McBusted, Labrinth & sooo many more were hanging out at Fusion Festival, so we asked them all the important questions like, 'Are you on Tinder?'

Backstage Tour

Wanna know where Tinie Tempah and Ed Sheeran were hanging out before hitting the Fusion stage? Somehow we managed to sneak in to all the fancy bits and very nearly became actual popstars!



Saturday night headliners, Rudimental, let us into a little secret about how many songs they've got ready to release with a certain guitar-playing, ginger popstar!

Check out Rudimental trying out a Sweg Board for the first time... Health and safety were not happy!



This guy smashed his set on Saturday night, he was loving it on was Claire in the crowd!  

Reckon Claire's enjoying Labrinth at Fusion Festival? #FusionCapital

Posted by Tom & Claire on Saturday, 29 August 2015

You can see Labrinth's chat with Capital at our fancy piano, here!


Clean Bandit

The lovely Clean Bandit came for a chat and we had to ask if there was going to be a Years & Years collab! 


Karen Harding


CONFIRMED: Karen Harding tour of East Mids' Nandos! #FusionCap...

Super nice to catch up with Karen Harding backstage at Fusion Festival this weekend...real excited for her Nando's tour of the East Midlands!

Posted by Tom & Claire on Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Dino and Pete were reunited with McBusted at Fusion; has Dougie finally got that Air Guitar tattoo?!


Adam Lambert

The offside rule in football just got a whole lot sassier, thanks to Adam Lambert - don't think anyone expected that to happen backstage at Fusion Festival!


Becky Hill

Once we'd all got over Becky Hill's siblings also being called Tom and Claire (yeah, for reals!), we had a lovely chat about her new music! (We'll see you at the family reunion Becky!) 

Becky Hill is super fun! | #FusionCapital

Love chatting to Becky Hill, especially when she promises doughnuts for everyone at Fusion Festival! #FusionCapital

Posted by Tom & Claire on Sunday, 30 August 2015



There was a pretty intense competition going on backstage at Fusion Festival, to find out who had the biggest hit, Rixton went IN! 

Watch the Rixton boys tell Capital who's the neediest in their WhatsApp group when they're apart!



Want to go from being a dental nurse to a popstar? M.O can help! 

Getting Fusion going, it's M.O | #FusionCapital

We let M.O loose on our #QuestionABalls at Fusion Festival yesterday... Let the awkward questions commence! #FusionCapital

Posted by Tom & Claire on Sunday, 30 August 2015



Joe and Cameron (aka Sigma) smashed it on stage with their band, fingers crossed their tour comes to the East Midlands! C'mon boys, yeah?


Gorgon City

Soz for totally fangirling when talking about Jennifer Hudson! S'ok though, Gorgon City kept their cool.


Union J

Before you watch this video, d'you reckon Union J have got a bigger hit than Rixton?

Erm what's that Union J, you're on Tinder?! *Logs in* Check out our interview with the boys!