Tom & Claire's Guide To Being A Fresher In Nottingham!

Nottingham City Council House

Someone's suggested 'The Big O' and you're not sure if that's a club or a sandwich? Thinking about going to the rival Uni's SU? This little guide to Nottingham can help you out!

You'll arrange to meet someone at the Left Lion in Market Square, but never really know which one is the actual Left Lion!


 A weekly pilgrimage to the Big O, aka Ocean, with the squad is a necessity! 


You'll attempt a night out at the rival Uni's SU, and it'll never be as good as your home turf!


The result of the Varsity matches will become more important than your exam results!


Remembering all the varsity chants is waaayyy easier than remembering to bring a pen to lecture!


Finding a bit of space on a sunny day in the Arboretum next to Trent or near the lake at UON will become the biggest achievement of your day! 


Lost someone in Oceana? Bet they're having the time of their life in the Cheese Room!


At some point you'll be running around Market Square pretending to be an aeroplane at 3am (...maybe that was just us)!

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