Dino & Pete go skating

Forget Torvill and Dean, they can skate!

These lads have all the gear and no idea.

Well they had skates on their feet and a whole lot of bottle to allow themselves to be filmed gliding along the ice learning to skate at the National Ice Centre in Nottingham.

Self confessed Todd Carty-a-like Dino can be forgiven for being a bit wobbly since he's at least 7 foot tall and could blow down in strong winds, but Bilbo Baggins Pete has no excuse!

So who will stay on their feet - and who will be flat on their backside?

See the video below to find out

Now see boys trying Ice Hockey
Watch as they go head to head
and see their penguin race competition
(that's right, penguin race, could they get any more childish?)

Who will win?
More importantly - who looks better in lycra?

Why not learn to skate like Dino and Pete?
(only a bit better)

Visit the National Ice Centre, Nottingham 

National Ice CentreThe centre provides top class facilities and coaching staff for a whole range of ice sports from free skating and ice dance to synchronized skating, ice hockey and short track speed skating.

The National Ice Skating Association (NISA) has designated the National Ice Centre as a Centre of Excellence for Short Track Speed Skating and is home to the Great Britain Short Track Speed Skating squad.

The Nottingham Panthers Ice Hockey team also train here and use the venue for their home games.

If you fancy following in the footsteps of Dino and Pete then why not learn to skate yourself at the National Ice Centre.  

The Capital One Skate UK programmes are the perfect starting point for anyone to begin ice skating and they're open to all ages five and over.   So whether you just want to make it round the rink in one piece or take part in more specific ice disciplines such as ice dance, figure skating, speed skating or ice hockey, the National Ice Centre can help you get there.

The six-week courses are led by licensed Coaches and Sports Assistants and are backed by the National Ice Skating Association (NISA) - the UK governing body for ice sports.  Each group session lasts for half an hour and includes a public ice skating session so you can show off your new skills.

For more information call 0843 373 3000
or visit
the National Ice Centre, Nottingham 

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