The 20 min Brain Train

Every day at 8:55 we ask you the 20 min brain train.

Twiggy will only accept the answer 'on his sheet' so can you beat the cocky little man? We thought we would help you out by putting the question on here every day, so here is today's...


5th April

Q: There are 4 girls and 4 apples in a basket, every girl takes an apple, yet one apple remains in the basket, how?

A: One girl took the basket with the apple in it.

4th April

Q: If a man carried my burden he would break his back, im not rich but leave silver in my track, who am i?


3rd April

Q: Feed me and I live, give me a drink and I die what am I?

A: Fire.

23rd March

Q: Weight in my belly, trees on my back, nails in my ribs, feet do I lack? What I am?

A: A Ship

22nd March

Q: Forward I am heavy, but backward I am not?

A: Ton(ne)

21st March

Q: What question can you honestly never say 'yes' too?

A: Are you dead?

20th March

Q: What 5 letter word becomes shorter when you add 2 letters to it?

A: Short

16th March  

Q: There is only one other word that can be made from all the letters in  PERMISSIVE, can you figure out what the other word in?


15th March

Q: Why wasn't Bertha put in jail after injuring dozens of people?

A: Bertha was a Hurricane

14th March

Q: I am a man but will never have a wife, you made my mouth but will never take a breath, the rain made me and the sun killed me, what am I?

A: A Snow Man

13th March

Q: You heard me before, yet you hear me again, then I die til you call me again.

A: An Echo

9th March

Q: All about but cannot be seen, can be captured, cannot be held, no throat to talk but it can be heard

A: The Wind

8th March

Q: What ship doesnt have a captain, but has 2 mates?

A: Friendship

7th March

Q: I'm sometimes white, but most often black, Ill take you there, but never bring you back.

A: Herse

6th March

Q: I'm sometimes full, but I never overflow?

A: Moon

2nd March 2012

Q: A container without hinges, lock or a key, yet a golden treasure lies inside me.

A: Egg

1st March 2012

Q: I can be long, or I can be short, I can be grown and I can be bought, I can be pained or left bare, I can be round or I can be square


29th Feb 2012

Q: Klara Klater was born on the 27th December, yet her birthday is always in the Summer, how is this possible?

A: She Lives in the southern hemisphere.


28th Feb 2012

Q: A man bought a £5000 car, but he didnt pay a penny, how is that possible?

A: He paid in pounds!

17th Feb  2012

Q: Two trains are heading towards each other, on the same track, on the same day and at 7 O' Clock, why dont they crash?


16th Feb 2012

Q: Its more powerful than god, its more evil than the devil ,the poor have it, the rich need it, if you eat it you'll die. What is it?

A: Nothing

15th Feb 2012

Q: What two words have thousands of letters in them?

A : Post Office

14th Feb 2012

Q: 2 in a Corner, One in a Car, One in a Shelter, what is it?

A: The Letter R

10th Feb 2012

Q: There are six apples in a basket, I take 4, there are now 10 in a basket, how is this possible?

A: I took them off a tree and put them in the basket.

3rd Feb 2012

Q: What can go in water black and come out red

A: A Lobster


2nd Feb 2012

Q:Whats Missing from this? JFAMJJASOND

A: M for March

1st Feb 2012

Q: What can a cat have that no other animal can?

A: Kittens!

27th Jan 2012

Q: Why is an island like the letter T?

A: Because its in the middle of water.


26th Jan 2012

Q: How do you make 7 an Even number?

A: Take away S and you have even!