Hailee Steinfeld Reads Your YouTube Comments And It Gets Weird!

8 November 2016, 15:16 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

hailee steinfeld youtube comments

By James Wilson-Taylor

Plus she reveals what it's really like to work with Pete Wentz...

On this week's PopBuzz podcast, we chat to singer, actress and all-round nice person Hailee Steinfeld about her new music, movie and what it's really like to work with Pete Wentz.

Plus, we see if Hailee can match your YouTube comments to the music video in a heated game of "Welcome To The Comments Section". 


Don't miss it.

Also this week, we talk Brendon Urie's possible Stranger Things cameo, pick the finest "anti-anxiety bangers" and think up the perfect a**-themed emojis to replace the peach. Cheeky!

You can hear this week's edition of the PopBuzz Podcast at the links below.

(Jump to 8m 50s for our full chat with Hailee Steinfeld)

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