Sacha Brooks

Sacha Loves:
Anything Japanese- Hello Kitty/Kimmi Dolls. I lived there for 3 years and speak the language, so any excuse to use it. I love cooking, exercise, movies, reading and acting the fool with my loved one's.

What are you listening at the moment on your Ipod? 
Ooooo, Im am so loving Nicki Minaj's - Pink Friday. I love Nicki's style and flow, even her look is very Japanese. She's into the whole Harajuku Girl thing too! Hehe!

What's the most embarrassing track you have on your Ipod?
Haha! You think Im really going to tell you that!? Nothing embarassing but Britney and Backstreet Boys songs are my Guilty Pleasure! Shhhh!

Favourite gig you have been to?
Too many too mention. Usher/Black Eyes Peas/Jingle Bell Ball

Favourite Event?
Oh definetly V Fest. I always go with my good friend Alex who is just as mad as me, so we have a great time. There are always so many acts and everyone just mingles and has a BIG Summer party. Its great, plus I get to wear my illuminous wellies, they are so hot, oh and PINK! 

Favourite place in Brum to relax?
China town/Arcadian. Have a drink or green tea. Something nice to eat, using chopsticks and then to goto see the Chinese ladies and get a foot massage, which actually hurts at first but the feeling after is amazing. I feel so relaxed.

Favourite place to hang out?
Broad St & Broadway Plaza, so much to see and do. Whenever my friends visit, I always take them there. In the summer its all bout Egbaston Resovoir, with a picnic blanket, my remote control boat and helicopter - which I have.

Place to shop?
Bullring of course! Not only is it always bussling with like minded shoppers, its got it ALL under one roof and quite a pretty roof at that.

Favourite thing about Birmingham?
Brummies of course. The nicest people in the whole country. Great sense of humour, not uptight. Creative and who can resist the the Brummie accent. Love it!

What makes you laugh?
My crazy family and friends. We would all rather laugh at each other for a giggle, its a bit mad like that. It also stops us from being too serious. Serious and uptight people dont get no love from me. Free love, well sort of, lol!

Who do you tell everything?
My Mumma, Sandra, she is a best friend. My Brother too, he always gives the best advice, he know's me well.

Worst part of your body?
I love me! :)

Favourtie part of your body?
Oooo, has to be my belly. I think its cuddly, not big but no abs either. My belly is my comfort blanket and a great pillow. Tired? :)

Why didn't you ask me about?
Back in the day when Usher just started in the career, I was the DJ at his Birmingham gig and he sooooo flirted with me. As did Neyo when I inteviewed him at the Mobo's. I could of given all this up and been living the life in the States, haha!

Most proud of?
That I can speak Japanese. I started to learn at 24, now Im very very good. There are not many japanese in Birmingham but I do have many friends there, so Skype and I get along quite well.

Facebook is.....
TMI, why do some people put their every move in their status? I like a Twitter every now and then.