9 Things That We've Learnt From Zara Larsson's New Clothing Range (Which Is Lit AF, FYI)

18 May 2017, 17:11

Zara Larsson H&M

Can we have one of everything please?

Just when we thought we couldn’t love Zara Larsson anymore, she goes and releases this H&M collection of our dreams and… well, we love her even more.  

Inspired by her own style, the collection is HELLA #GirlBoss and is emblazoned in seriously sassy feminist quotes.

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Zara Larsson H&M

Because, why not? 

Here’s what we learnt from her new clothing range. 

1. Zara loves a selfie.

She’s a self confessed social media addict and so it was only apt that the campaign features plenty of self taken. 

2. We want to be her best friend. 

Because if she takes that many selfies and looks this good on the daily, can you imagine how ON POINT our Instagram feeds would be?  

Zara Larsson

3. Her fans are seriously dedicated and were all kinds of excited.  

They were literally counting the days until it was dropped.  

4. Others, however, were not so keen.  

5. Whilst some basically bought everything.

Because why not?

6. Some even missed out on their education to make sure they saw a slice of the action. 

Which is total dedication.

7. A few even camped outside. 

They do know that it's available online too, right?

8. Oh, she looked cute AF when she was shooting it, FYI. 

Zara Larsson H&M

9. Oh, and even the ‘unofficial’ photos were basically perfect.


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