WATCH: YUNGBLUD Opens Up About ADHD & Relationship With Fans

28 February 2020, 17:00

YUNGBLUD opened up about his dad, coming from Doncaster and having ADHD all in a new episode of 'Reflections'.

In the third episode of 'Reflections', YUNGBLUD opens up to his fans in both a touching and inspiring way. He discusses his family as well as giving a personal thank you to his fans.

We couldn't think of a better time to catch up with the glorious singer as he gets ready to embark on his huge world tour.

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Yungblud's 'Reflections' with Capital
Yungblud's 'Reflections' with Capital. Picture: Capital

We left YUNGBLUD in a room all on her own with five envelopes and in front of a vanity mirror. In the envelopes, the man from Doncaster was asked the following:

- The first song you ever loved...

- A song that reminds you of where you’re from...

- A song that reminds you of being in love...

- A song you wish you’d have written…

- What do you see when you look in the mirror?

When I was growing up, I felt like it wasn't alright to be myself. I used to watch Freddie Mercury videos and Mick Jagger videos and videos of Robert Smith and Kurt Cobain. And I don't know man, they were just so like themselves."

He adds, "and thought if they can do it so can I and that really inspired me. I was about 12 i think."

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