Wretch 32 Goes Back To School

The 'Unorthodox' rapper has returned to his old classroom in Tottenham to thank his teachers for putting up with him.

Wretch 32 wanted to personally thank a teacher at Northumberland Park for sticking with him through his schooldays, despite being a self-confessed "disruptive smart Alec".

The 'Traktor' star has also been visiting schools in London, talking to pupils in disadvantaged areas and encouraging them to focus on bettering themselves.

"I come in and tell the class, 'I've done whatever you get up to when you get home, probably 10 times worse. Now I'm doing what I do now'," Wretch explained.

"I can name you countless people that I don't see any more because they're in prison or they're dead.

"You can be them, or you can be me." 

Wretch has revealed why it's so important to him that he devotes time to encouraging kids to make something of themselves: "I had only one plan when I was leaving school and that was to be a criminal."

Luckily, Wretch discovered he could do more. "My talent is rapping," he says, which is proven with two top five singles he has under his belt so far this year.

Despite his success, Wretch 32 still lives on the same estate in Tottenham where he grew up and he intends to stay put. "I wanna stay. It's gonna be mad difficult, but I really wanna stay."