Troye Sivan hilariously rejects Tyler Oakley's offer to collab and it's savage

16 September 2019, 16:41

Tyler and Troye are friends but this? COLD! AS! ICE!

A few months ago, Panic! The Disco frontman Brendon Urie politely yet hella awkwardly declined James Charles' offer to collab on a live Twitch stream. Today, there has been another tragic rejection in the music industry and this time, it's come from Troye Sivan. The poor victim? His friend and former YouTube collaborator Tyler Oakley.

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Sharing a video of himself playing the piano, LGBT activist and YouTuber Tyler wrote: "piano update! 9 months into lessons!" In the video, Tyler explains that "it's so much fun to learn something new, especially if you thought you were too old to learn it."

His video caught the attention of musician Troye, who was genuinely impressed by Tyler's skills. He responded to Tyler's video saying: “Are you reading sheet music?! You’re getting so good!”

Tyler then replied: “Yes I am!! Let’s duet I am almost good” to which Troye then replied with the bad news.

“No but keep going!” he wrote, with a little yellow heart emoji to soften that absolutely savage blow.

For those not in the know, Troye and Tyler go way back to that era of YouTube where everyone was genuinely friends with each other and everyone did collabs and it was all fun and no one was in it for clout – and they're still friends to this day.

There's nothing spicy or shady about Troye's comment but it's savage AF and Tyler found it as hilarious as the rest of us.

Responding to Troye's savage comment, he wrote: "L M A O literal cackle omg."

The reactions to Troye's response have been just as hilarious...

Several people agree that Troye served the same energy as Bhad Bhabie responding to a fan who drew some pretty questionable fan art.

Troye when Tyler knocks on his recording studio door...

Same tbh. Same.

Tyler, we fwu for trying.