Troye Sivan Wants You To Bring Tampons To His Concert's For A Very Special Reason

26 September 2018, 15:35 | Updated: 26 September 2018, 15:41

Troye Sivan urged fans to bring sanitary products to donate during Bloom Tour
Troye Sivan urged fans to bring sanitary products to donate during Bloom Tour. Picture: YouTube

Troye Sivan has just kicked off his Bloom Tour, and has asked fans to bring along sanitary products such as tampons, pads and clean socks so that he can match donations and send them to LGBT youth in need.

Troye Sivan has just kicked off the Bloom Tour in Texas, and being the amazing human being and LGTB advocate that he is, he's urged fans to bring along new socks and sanitary products to his shows, as he has teamed up with charity The Ally Coalition and Cora Women to help fight period poverty in LGBT youth, and now we love him even more.

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Fans have rushed to send their praise to the 'Dance To This' singer for bringing exposure to LGBT causes, something that has always been close to his and his fans hearts and Troye's promised that whatever fans bring along and donate, the charities he's partnered with will match.

This outlook of making a positive impact whilst on tour has been increasing steadily with the likes of Harry Styles on tour raising over $1.2 million for charity as well as registering young people to vote AND recycling thousands of gallons of water, what an awesome trend?!

Oh, and just in case you missed it, Troye literally lost his wig whilst performing the other night, if that isn't a sign to go and see him then what is?!

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