Troye Sivan’s Thirsty Tweets About Matty Healy's Hip Thrusting Is The Best Twitter Exchange

14 November 2019, 13:10

Troye Sivan and Matty Healy's Twitter exchange had fans in stitches
Troye Sivan and Matty Healy's Twitter exchange had fans in stitches. Picture: Getty

Troye Sivan, like us, was left hot under the collar by Matty Healy’s thrusting video.

When a clip emerged of The 1975’s Matty Healy expertly thrusting his hips during a concert the internet went wild, with some hilarious reactions from hot and bothered Twitter users leaving fans in stitches.

‘I’m So Tired’ hitmaker Troye Sivan was one of the thousands of people loving Matty’s moves, sharing it alongside a wide-eyed emoji.

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“Same sis,” one of Troye’s fans agreed, as another asked: “How many times have you watched this video Troye?”

“I see you’re a man of taste,” wrote a third.

In reply to Troye’s thirsty tweet, Matty posted a close-up picture of himself looking down at the camera, to which Troye replied: “Why do you look like this” alongside an image of Lillian from the Rugrats.

It’s clear fans were loving the exchange, as one person chimed in: “This is my favourite interaction of 2019.”

“Stop flirting!” Joked someone else, as another added: “This interaction is my favourite thing.”

In the pulse-quickening video filmed at a gig in Tokyo, Matty is belting out their hit tune ‘The Sound’ while dancing topless around the stage in just a pair of red trousers.

He also slid his hand down his six pack for a typical rock-star style crotch grab, sending the crowd wild.

After running to one side of the stage he thrusted his hips at the crowd, leaving the thousands of fans screaming before he sassily kicked his leg back and strutted back across the stage.

If that wasn’t enough, he then grabbed the camera to sing the lyrics down the lens, displaying his sweaty hair and steely gaze.

Matty Healy’s hips have become a sensation of their own, with hundreds of fans taking to social media after seeing The 1975 live to comment on his moves.

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