Timbaland Unveils New Michael Jackson Project With Unheard Music?

29 August 2013, 13:15

The producer hints that he's working on tracks from the late King of pop with a first single called 'Chicago'.

Timbaland has offered an insight into his latest musical project, which will feature the late King of pop Michael Jackson.

The producer speaks in an edited short clip about the new music insisting it was LA Reid who first approached him with the idea.

"LA Reid came to my house. He's like, 'I got something big I wanna do'," he reveals in the video.

He goes on to describe it like "two Kings working together" and reveals there will be a first single called 'Chicago'.

"I'm gonna set it up right," he adds.

The footage features snippets of Michael intertwined between his comments, with Timbaland also stating "now it's my time" and that it will be "my music with his voice on it".

Watch Timbaland teasing his new Michael Jackson project below:

The star also recently dished on a new song between Nas, Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake called 'Sinatra In The Sands'.

Timbaland also criticised recent posthumous music from Aaliyah insisting it needed his involvement to make it work.