Listen To The Wanted's New Album 'Word Of Mouth' - Audio

1 November 2013, 09:40

The Wanted 'Word Of Mouth'

The 'Show Me Love' five-piece launch their brand new third studio album at the start of November... get your first taste of what to expect!

The Wanted return on Monday (4th November) with their brand new studio album 'Word Of Mouth', but you can have an exclusive preview of the record right now.

If 'We Own The Night' has you eager for more from The Wanted boys, or if you're after more tear-jerkers like the band's new single 'Show Me Love (America)', you can find out exactly what to expect in the 'Word Of Mouth' preview below.

Check out all the new songs from Max, Tom, Nathan, Siva and Jay and let us know what you think through the @CapitalOfficial Twitter account.

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1. 'We Own The Night'

Watch the music video for 'We Own The Night' below:

This was the boys' amazing summer anthem of 2013 as The Wanted returned to show everyone just how to make the party last all night!

2. 'In The Middle'

Listen to a snippet of 'In The Middle' below:

Get ready for another epic anthem from the boys in the vein of their 'Battleground' hit single 'Warzone' with this one, and a chorus that never lets up!

3. 'Running Out Of Reasons'

Listen to a snippet of 'Running Out Of Reasons' below:

The boys try out a bit of a different sound on 'Running Out Of Reasons', with an uplifting beat and a sound echoing to Charlie Brown's feel-good hit 'On My Way'. This one is bound to be on your 'Most Played' list before long.

4. 'I Found You'

Watch the music video for 'I Found You' below:

The band's late 2012 hit ushered in a new generation of The Wanted fans thanks to immaculate production, a change in musical direction.. and of course that incredible middle eight power-vocal from Nathan!

5. 'Show Me Love (America)'

Watch the music video for 'Show Me Love (America)' below:

The Wanted's latest single is an anthemic ode to a lost relationship and between the emotional music video and the powerful chorus, this one has already become a favourite with the band's fans.

6. 'Walks Like Rihanna'

Watch the music video for 'Walks Like Rihanna' below:

The Wanted boys may well be at their best when they're just having fun and showing how much they can have a laugh. Not only did the band manage this with their 'Walks Like Rihanna' music video, a tribute to boy band's past, but the song is a slice of pure pop perfection!

7. 'Summer Alive'

Listen to a snippet of 'Summer Alive' below:

As the title, suggests this song is rip-roaring summer anthem all about having fun, making the moment count and ensuring the summer season never comes to an end. One for the clubs for sure!

8. 'Love Sewn'

Listen to a snippet of 'Love Sewn' below:

Emotions are high in the powerful 'Love Sewn', written all about losing the love of your life, and the track boasts with a heart-breaking chorus the TWFanmily will be singing along to within minutes.

9. 'Glow In The Dark'

Listen to a snippet of 'Glow In The Dark' below:

With it's rave-style beat and vocoder style soundbites, 'Glow In The Dark' sees the boys heading into more of a dance sound and is just BEGGING for a Calvin Harris remix down the line!

10. 'Demons'

Listen to a snippet of 'Demons' below:

The Wanted boys look inward for this track as they open up about their thoughts and fears, while the song itself has an eerie atmosphere running throughout.

11. 'Could This Be Love'

Listen to a snippet of 'Could This Be Love' below:

Max, Jay, Tom, Siva and Jay are back to their upbeat, normal selfs for 'Could This Be Love' as they sing about the potential of a new romance. A future fan-favourite?

12. 'Everybody Knows'

Listen to a snippet of 'Everybody Knows' below:

The boys' always-impressive vocals are displayed perfectly in this track as they show off their incredible skills behind the mic.

13. 'Heartbreak Story'

Listen to a snippet of 'Heartbreak Story' below:

You'll need a few tissues for this one, a song Max wrote about his split from former fiancé Michelle Keegan. The song's title is very apt indeed!

14. 'Chasing The Sun'

Watch the music video for 'Chasing The Sun' below:

The boys' summer 2012 hit was the first taste many fans had of 'Word Of Mouth', back before the record was even announced, and it's still partying anthem for the decade.

15. 'If We’re Alright'

Listen to a snippet of 'If We're Alright' below:

Massive drums and a powerful bass are the name of the game with this track from The Wanted's new album 'Word Of Mouth'.

16. 'Only You'

Listen to a snippet of 'Only You' below:

The Wanted go for a slightly heavier sound for The Wanted on this song, proving just how versatile the boys can be with their style.

17. 'Drunk On Love'

Listen to a snippet of 'Drunk On Love' below:

If there's one thing The Wanted know better than anyone it's how to throw one hell of a party… and this just might be their ultimate party anthem!

18. 'Read My Mind'

Listen to a snippet of 'Read My Mind' below:

The boys show off some incredible vocals on this track, written all about the highs and lows of a romance.

19. 'Satellite'

Listen to a snippet of 'Satellite' below:

A definite future favourite at the boys' live shows, this one was written boy 'Counting Stars' hit-maker Ryan Tedder!

The Wanted officially release their brand new album 'Word Of Mouth' on 4th November.