Vanessa Tells The Saturdays: Stop Matchmaking!

The only singleton in The Saturdays says she's tired of dating and wants the girls to stop setting her up.

During The Saturdays' takeover of, Vanessa revealed that she's happy being the only single girl in the band and wants her bandmates to stop setting her up on dates.

"I'll get a text from one of them saying 'Maybe you should try this one...' and I'm like 'I'm alright thanks, leave me alone!'," she told us.

Una admitted that she's obsessed with setting up her bandmate with pals of her own fella, and gets really upset when Vanessa isn't interested.

"They all move too quickly and put her off," she told us. Vanessa agreed. "It's not them, it's definitely me!"

"[Una] used to try to set me up to when I was single," Rochelle said.

So far, the girls' matchmaking skills have fallen short, and Vanessa now insists she's steering clear of the dating scene. "I'm not ready for all that - I'm just having a good time. No dates for a while."

The Saturdays take over for Wednesday 7th September. Their new single 'All Fired Up' is out now and you can watch the video here.