The Saturdays talk love

The Saturdays have revealed how many blokes they've kissed and what they're looking for in a man.

Mollie, who is dating Dolce & Gabanna model David Gandy, told more! Magazine that her current fella is only her fourth snog.

Speaking about her new man, Mollie went on to say: "He makes me laugh. And he's really grounded. I like the fact that when we're together we never really talk about work. I don't want someone who's obsessed with this world. I also love kissing. I feel like it's really intimate and very special. I've only kissed four boys in my life."

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She went on to say: "People keep saying to me, 'Oh, well done Moll,' like I've achieved something. But if the rest of the girls are there, they say, 'He's done well, actually.' I'm like, 'Yeah! You go girls!'"

Mollie wasn't the only one spilling the beans on her love life. Bandmate Frankie told more! she doesn't see boyfriend Wayne Bridge as a stereotypical footballer.

"You can't ever say for sure that someone would never do that, but Wayne's different. We don't hang out with other players, and I'm not really interested in being a WAG. We've both had past relationships that were in the public eye. This is more private, and so much nicer."

The Saturdays: More Magazine Feature

Rochelle revealed that despite their November split, she and JLS singer Marvin are "happier than ever".

"We're really good. I think in every long-term relationship you go through things that test you, and sometimes you need that to realise what you've got. And that's what happened with us when we had our break. We were so busy at the time, we didn't think we'd be able to see each other. We're solid now, and that's all that matters. We're happier and stronger than we ever were."

Pictures courtesy of more! Magazine.