Rochelle Wiseman: "I Hate Slushy Stuff!"

Marvin's girlfriend admits she tells it like it is when it comes to relationships.

During The Saturdays' takeover of, Rochelle admitted that she hates "slushy stuff" when it comes to her relationships.

"I'm definitely the bluntest in the band when it comes to giving advice - don't come to me if you want something sugar coated!" she said.

At the other end of the scale, Mollie is the one to go to for the sort of advice that's easier to take.

"Mollie's like 'he probably just lost your number or had an accident or something!' and I'll be like 'Or maybe he just doesn't like you!'," said Rochelle, who is in a relationship with Marvin from JLS.

"Rochelle's like a man in relationships!" said Mollie.

The Saturdays take over for Wednesday 7th September. Their new single 'All Fired Up' is out now and you can watch the video here.