The Saturdays

Una, Frankie, Vanessa, Mollie and Rochelle will be returning to the O2 Arena for their second Jingle Bell Ball in December 5th.

Tickets for both nights of the Jingle Bell Ball have now sold out. The only way in now is to win your tickets - keep it Capital to find out how.

These five ladies are arguably the hardest working band in pop at the moment. We're not sure where they find the time, or the energy, to release two albums and tour the world, but all their hard work has certainly paid off.

The Saturdays

From their impressive debut album 'Chasing Lights', the girls found success with the electropop cool of 'If This Is Love' and 'Issues', before treading into ballad territory with the likeable tune 'Issues'.

summertime ball

New album 'Wordshaker' promises even better things from The Saturdays. This new record's lead tune 'Forever Is Over' steps into the realms of pop-rock with its huge bassline; if it's a sign of things to come, then give us a ticket because we want to get on board! Girls, we'll see you on December 5th.

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Forever Is Over
If This Is Love
Just Can't Get Enough

Jingle Bell Ball